Technical Services Countermeasures (TSCM)
Noctis Group will ensure that sensitive areas of your organization are secure and free of covert surveillance.
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In the changing world of the 21st century, eyes and ears are everywhere. Security holes and attack surfaces exist for any valuable piece of information you or your company possess. Is someone possibly tracking your car? Does someone have knowledge of your private conversations without being present themselves? Every year, valuable information is stolen or compromised by malicious actors using a variety of technical methods, and NOCTIS Group’s Technical Services Countermeasures (TSCM) team helps stop these threats in their tracks.

Our technical specialists are experts at using a variety of tools to conduct physical as well as electronic “sweeps” of premises, offices, conference rooms, vehicles, air- and watercraft, and network analysis to verify the existence of advanced spy software in a variety of operating environments. These services are a must for any organization or business with confidential, actionable data to protect.


TSCM Sweeps

Technical Services Countermeasures (TSCM) sweeps are physical and digital “bug sweeps” which detect and analyze evidence of surreptitious devices or programs recording, transmitting, or capturing packets and data, as well as electronic signatures left by such devices. The ubiquitous presence of computer networks and interlinked devices form a rich tapestry of attack surfaces for industrial spies as well as malicious state- and non-state actors; espionage also occurs using devices, computers or networks compromised by malware or trojans. Conference and meeting rooms, break areas, and even office environments occasionally need sweeping; the threat vectors presented by technology in the twenty-first century are very real and require constant adaptation. With NOCTIS, our aim is to give you absolute certainty and peace of mind.

NOCTIS Group can perform TSCM sweeps overtly or covertly depending on the situation and on your needs; these services can be combined with physical surveillance or counter surveillance services for added layers of certainty as demanded by the needs of the client and the nature of the threats faced.

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