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With over twenty years’ experience in Private Investigation solutions, the specialists at NOCTIS can assist you or your organization with any inquiry, public or private, you may have. Our personnel are highly skilled at both physical and technical surveillance as well as comprehensive database and background checks, social media history analysis and preservation, asset investigations, locating and interviewing witnesses, and more. Our solutions are scalable, realistic, and are designed to deliver maximum actionable information without compromising your organizational ethics or objectives. We work in close concert with our clients to ensure the data provided is collected in manners which fit their specific needs.



Documentation of persons of interest during surveillance operations

The targets of an investigation generate data which must be recorded: comings and goings from a premises or site, what the Subject may have with them (or who they be alongside), and what they say, write or do. Our teams have decades of experience in physical surveillance, bolstered by excellent access to technical services, and produce worthwhile and reliable sources of evidence for further development and preservation.

Locating persons of interest or witnesses

Once an investigation is opened, it may transpire that a valuable source of information is located elsewhere. Sometimes this can be a person. NOCTIS Group often is tasked with locating individuals both physically and using other means where pertinent to a case. Strategic identification and discreet methods are our trademarks.

Investigative Services:

Identifying persons of interest to a case

The results generated by private investigations sometimes hinge on crucial data or on the identity of a person or persons present at a site or involved in a recorded activity. NOCTIS Group has extensive experience in identification of individuals present at an event or site for the purposes of future investigation and inquiry.

Complete background checks, including full social media history

Social media histories, dating site profiles and other online presences can be scrubbed in advance of an investigation, but NOCTIS Group’s specialists have the tools, expertise, and training necessary for recovery and preservation of this valuable and sometimes actionable data and evidence. Although generally not representative of an investigative solution taken alone, social media analysis and recovery can be combined with other forensic data analysis and recovery methods to form a more complete picture of activities or persons of interest relevant to an investigation.

Asset searches

Using database queries, forensic recovery tools as well as multilayered search approaches, our investigators can find, recover, and preserve evidence of assets possessed or obtained by an individual. The types of assets able to be identified include 

  • cash
  • stocks and bonds
  • derivatives positions
  • cryptocurrencies, including privacy coins
  • real property
  • and more…

Matrimonial Investigations

NOCTIS Group’s investigators have extensive experience in matrimonial and asset search investigations relating to divorce proceedings. Our discreet experts understand the potential emotional difficulty involved in these kinds of inquiries and make every accommodation to our clients to develop actionable information and evidence which can be used to help support a favorable outcome in court or through mediation.

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