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Collect, preserve, and analyze digital evidence for litigation or investigation
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NOCTIS Group’s expert witnesses and technicians can retrieve deleted or hidden data and message history from devices and networks, and secure these files for processing and review. In the increasingly interconnected world of the 21st century, digital threats are everywhere. Digital Forensics form a vital portion of the counter-threat capabilities of any security or investigations firm today. We use industry-standard and vetted proprietary forensic software for all major operating systems for computers, tablets and smartphones. Our service personnel and analysts not only have familiarity with current tools, but also understand that no single set of tools provides a fully reliable report versus a potential threat.

Our state-of-the-art Digital Forensics lab uses a wide variety of tools to retrieve, process, and preserve data. Our experts can verify the origin and creation date of specific data, and have familiarity and experience with all current operating systems. Additionally, NOCTIS invests heavily in the study and application of emerging technologies and methods in order to better serve our client base.

Audio/Video Forensics:

In the course of an investigation, there may be a need for NOCTIS Group’s A/V Forensics specialists to analyze or retrieve data. This is common in cases such as where recently deleted video files from a DVR or NVR CCTV system must be recovered to reveal critical evidence of criminal activity. In such cases, the original content has often been overwritten by new data and the use of technical forensic recovery tools may be necessitated; our technicians can recover the video files, validate the actual time the incident occurred and verify the presence or absence of individuals of interest to the case. Other common applications are video or photo enhancement to reveal the license plate of a particular vehicle, placing a focus on one area of the action onscreen with a digital spotlight, or using filters to blur, obscure or redact facial features or other identifying marks of specific individuals. The method of original file creation and format-specific characteristics can be additionally determined. With audio forensic technology and tools, our specialists can enhance audio files to reveal or decrease background noise. Expert witness testimony is available on the actions taken to validate, verify, process or enhance audio and video files.


E-Discovery and Digital Forensics Expert Witness Services: 

NOCTIS Group’s technicians can establish expert witness-level chain-of-custody determination in all modern operating systems with filesystem analysis using both open-source and proprietary forensic software, with major applications for determining storage, manipulation or transfer of restricted or illegal data.

For legal clients with specific E-Discovery needs, our procedures stand up in court and ensure chain-of-custody of your case-sensitive data, and our goal is to go above and beyond the average service offered by others to give your team as close to 100% certainty as possible.

For private clients, our more affordable “Data Aggregation” services put all the tools of device data analysis at your fingertips for a lower price than ever before, with no sacrifice in quality.


Computer, Network and Mobile Forensics

Computer, Network and Mobile Forensics form the study of data collected from electronic sources. The sheer amount of data produced by modern devices and systems is tremendous, and the need for skilled, certified analysts to filter this wealth of information has never been greater. NOCTIS Group’s specialists can clarify not only what data was stored where, how, or when, but also indicate with a high degree of reliability the identity of the user in many cases. The reports generated by these analyses can help convict or, in some cases, vindicate a subject in a case involving data of this nature.

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